Scope of services

                                    Dr. Roland Braun - Consultancy in Rock Mechanics advises national and international Oil & Gas, Energy, Mining and Tunnelling companies about special rock mechanics aspects of their activities.

                                    The principal services supplied are:

                                    Determination of fundamental input parameters for geomechanical rock mass analyses & modelling (3D in situ stresses and strain, strength data for any 3D stress conditions etc.).

                                    Evaluation of borehole stability & sanding including a clarification of the causes of observed instabilities.

                                    Straightforward optimization of relevant drilling parameters (such as borehole path, mud pressure & draw down etc.).

                                    Determination/forecasting of rock deformations/compaction resulting from pore pressure changes.

                                    Assessment of the load dependent mechanical integrity of rock masses.

                                    Technology & tools

                                    For the specialized rock mechanics analyses sophisticated technologies and easy to use tools have been developed in-house by Dr. Roland Braun – Consultancy in Rock Mechanics.

                                    The principal expert systems are:


                                    Drill core analyses to identify/analyse the 3D in situ stresses.


                                    Assessment of rock stability/sanding around boreholes.


                                    Evaluation of the load depended mechanical integrity of the rock mass far from openings.

                                    Related systems are:


                                    Definition of the rock strength under any 3D loadings.


                                    Explanation of sudden effective stresses changes resulting from rock loosening.

                                    RACOS - 3D in situ stress analysis   BOREHOLE - evaluation of borehole stability   ROMEIN - evaluation of cap rock integrity  
                                      GLAST - rock strenght vs. 3D stresses   MOPP - sudden effective stress change  


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